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A Powerful Network of Innovators

CoMotion’s yearly Innovators program has one simple goal: to support the best and brightest startups and early-stage companies making mobility more sustainable, multimodal and equitable.

Innovators are at the center of CoMotion activities throughout the year. Selected companies have free access to all CoMotion events and are put forward in the selection process for our three annual challenges: M2 Challenge at CoMotion MIAMI, Motivate in Vancouver, and The LA New Mobility Challenge at CoMotion LA. Finalists will get to pitch in front of a curated team of investors, VCs, and key players from the public and private sectors.

Selected Startups Will Benefit from:

🎟️ Preferential access – all-access pass to CoMotion MIAMI, Motivate, and CoMotion LA.

🎤 Possibility to pitch in Miami, Vancouver and Los Angeles as part of the M2 Challenge, Motivate and LA New Mobility Challenges.

📘 Inclusion in the CoMotion Startup Deck, a digital brochure with key insights about your company and story. The Startup Deck is shared with our network of investors, VCs, and private sector leaders.

🙌 Raise your profile and reach with our bespoke marketing tool-kit. Get featured on the CoMotion network: Innovator profiles are shared on CoMotion’s website, social media networks, and our newsletter.

The Application Criteria

Feature a new and differentiated technology

🦅 Be independent, not a subsidiary

💵 Total revenue less than $5 million

Be less than 6 years old

📈 Have a product in beta at least

This is your chance to make valuable connections with the community and to connect, partner, and close deals with top investors and stakeholders in the mobility space.

Be part of an exclusive network and elevate your business. Applications for the 2024-25 CoMotion Innovators cohort are now open until April 30, 2024.

The 2023-24 Cohort

We are delighted to introduce our CoMotion Innovators 2023-24 Cohort.

At CoMotion, we focus on recognizing and promoting innovations that have the potential to redefine the mobility landscape. We champion sustainable solutions that address pressing urban challenges.

This year, we have selected 32 mobility startups that are doing just that, from autonomous shipping all the way to commute optimization solutions.


7Gen Capital

7Gen connects fleet owners, EV technology providers and capital.


Gemini Motor

Gemini Motor is a clean-tech company disrupting the logistics industry with a long-range zero-emission autonomous truck.



Daanaa has a power processing unit that enables free, safe, and efficient energy transfer, eliminating external conversion equipment from systems. The technology is applicable across diverse industries from electric vehicles, battery management systems, and solar power to several others.



Natilus is transforming the 75-year-old freight transportation model with innovative tech, making air freight as cost-effective as cargo shipping while improving delivery times.


Electric Era Technologies

Electric Era is building the future of car refill for the next generation of drivers.



VoltSafe tech eliminates prongs, using magnets and an ‘electrical fingerprint’ to connect to electricity.


Blaise Transit

Blaise is an AI-based platform that allows any transit operator to implement a variety of on-demand transit services. 



Zygg is transforming urban car & truck trips into ebike rides.



Meep provides a Digital Mobility Ecosystem SaaS for cities and mobility operators, combining a consumer platform, multi-modal app, and user interaction analytics tool.



GridMatrix delivers real-time transportation analytics to cities, offering data on vehicles, pedestrians, congestion, intersection performance, emissions, and safety.


Undefined Technologies

Undefined Technologies is developing a next-generation silent drone powered by ion propulsion.


Swyft Cities 

Swyft Cities offers advanced smart gondola systems as transportation solutions for real estate projects.


Zing Drone Delivery

Zing provides turn-key drone delivery solutions that reduce the risk and complexity of starting an operation.



BlueSpace.ai provides an explainable AI solution to power Autonomy 3.0 leveraging next-gen 4D sensing solutions.



IONA is a new kind of local logistics provider that mainly benefits rural areas. IONA is swapping inefficient delivery vans for highly efficient autonomous drones.



Faction develops driverless electric vehicles with the speed and performance of cars, at a fraction of the cost.


Tappy Guide

Tappy Guide has developed smart mobility tech for users with disabilities and seniors.



Ualabee is a Big-Data mobility company that optimizes people’s commutes by integrating multiple mobility operators and promoting sustainable development for cities.



DIMO is creating a user-owned IoT platform for drivers to gather and share vehicle data. 


Curbside Electric

Curbside Electric is an innovative on-street charger specifically designed for our congested towns and cities.



Mythos is crafting a next-gen autonomy framework for the maritime industry, promoting widespread adoption of advanced machine learning and genuine automation.



Hextronics designs, produces, and provides automated drone systems to organizations across the globe.



Beepy is the Airbnb for cars in Latin America, putting LATAM car fleet to better use.


Make My Day

Make My Day facilitates the transition to EV for drivers and fleet operators by alleviating range anxiety and offering AI-driven charging optimization and management.



LetMePark is a new channel for the parking industry that provides access to connected mobility and voice solutions.



CITYDATA delivers daily insights crucial for smart city initiatives, urban planning, mobility, tourism, disaster analysis, sustainability, and resilience.


Breeze Traffic

Breeze Traffic is developing technology turning existing traffic cameras into smart sensors and leveraging them to reduce carbon emissions from traffic.



As an EVCaaS provider, ezVOLTz™ offers a full life cycle EV charging solution for state and local governments.


OneSky Systems

OneSky creates digital aviation infrastructure for safe, efficient Urban Air Mobility (UAM) access via a connected air traffic management platform.


Orca Mobility

Orca is developing a driverless cargo vehicle in a novel form factor to attack the dirtiest, most wasteful leg of the supply chain: short-haul trucking. 



iCOMAT, revolutionary production equipment for the manufacturing of advanced carbon fibre composite parts.



ANGOKA provides the Digital Infrastructure (connectivity, data exchange and security) for Smart Mobility – drones, autonomous buses, driverless trucks, and satellites.



XOTO builds smart connected self-stabilizing electric motorcycles for urban rental, delivery, and consumer use.


CoFlow Jet

CoFlow has developed the advanced stationary CoFlow Jet cylinder wind sails to harness propulsive power from ocean wind for marine shipping decarbonization.

Selection Process

CoMotion Innovators are automatically nominated as applicants to our annual startup challenges. No additional application is required. A jury of experts comprised of private and public industry leaders and investors will select the finalists for each event.

The criteria for the selection process will be based on the themes for each event and the needs of the local mobility ecosystems. Business model, social impact, and environmental benefits are some of the qualifiers that the jury will consider in their selection process. A CoMotion Innovator can potentially be selected for more than one challenge.

They say it better

“It’s been a really great event. It’s brought together the right thought-makers. This is the perfect opportunity, the perfect venue, and the perfect audience to be a part of.”
Tiya Gordon
Co-Founder & COO, itselectric
“Given the challenges cities are facing with mobility and climate change, it was exciting to see these entrepreneurs present their solutions that can improve quality of life, create jobs, and protect the environment.”
Matt Petersen
CEO, LA Cleantech Incubator
“As a London company, the momentum we built through this success helped us launch our first US office in Los Angeles, quickly leading to a rich pipeline of projects and our first funding raise from a West Coast VC.”
Rebecca Saletta
Director of Strategic Partnerships, Zeti