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Presenting Startups 2022

CoMotion, Invest Vancouver and Silicon Valley Bank are delighted to announce the finalists who will be pitching at Motivate VANCOUVER later this month. They are some of the most promising and innovative mobility companies from Vancouver and globally.

Panel of Experts

Every startup has the unique opportunity to present in front of the CoMotion Panel of Experts, a group of thought leaders representing the brightest minds in the industry on June 29th.

Jeanette Jackson

CEO, Foresight

Graeme Millen

Managing Director, Technology Banking, SVB

Kate Schox

Founding Partner, Trucks VC

Prescott Watson

General Partner, Red Blue

Homan Yuen

Partner, Fusion Fund

Geordan Hankinson

Partner, Renewal Funds

Lisa Nyquist

Investment Director, Elites Investment


(Montreal, Canada)

CAPSolar is working on developing the first, seamless and semi-transparent vehicle-integrated solar panel. The goal is to power the daily travels of city people while making electric vehicles unequivocally sustainable.


(Regina, Canada)

LyteHorse Labs has developed a true electric ATV. LyteHorse vehicles have numerous use cases in law enforcement, military, recreational, agriculture, search and rescue, disaster relief, mining, last-mile delivery and warehouse transportation.

LyteHorse Performance EV's  also boast market-leading durability, speed, towing capacity and elevated rider visibility


(Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico)

Mazmobi’s objective is to create mobility hubs that offer all kinds of vehicles on demand. Mazmobi just launched their first product: a carsharing solution to cover temporal vehicles companies may need.


(Vancouver, Canada)

A&K Robotics specializes in self-driving systems and is testing their mobility solutions with airports around the world. They are working on defining a new category of intelligent, electric micromobility, with a small carbon footprint for dense, urban multimodal transportation.


(Boulder, US)

Commutifi’s goal is making cities more sustainable by improving the daily commute. Their data platform aggregates and normalizes all commuter data and provides data visualization tools that allow administrators to build, manage, and report on their commute programs.


(Madrid, Spain)

Meep is a MaaS platform that integrates a mobility integration solution plus a mobility dashboard to combine all available transportation in a single app with multimodal routes, payments through the app, customized offers based on user behavior, meaningful user personalization and promotion of more sustainable routes.


(Vancouver, Canada)

Veemo is a three wheeled, micromobility solution to move people efficiently & economically in urban areas. The bike-lane friendly Veemo offers many safety features such as turn signals, windshield wipers, a roll bar, 73 KM range on a single charge, swappable batteries, computerized electric assist drivetrain and a plethora of other features.


(Vancouver, Canada)

7Gen is an electric vehicle and charging infrastructure leasing company, focused on working with medium and heavy-duty fleets. Aiming to make electric vehicle integration easier - and an obvious alternative to current internal combustion engine equivalents. They provide turnkey EV-as-a-service fleet electrification execution support, financing, and software to support fleet managers to transition towards zero-emission fleets, today.


(Vancouver, Canada)

Breeze Traffic is working on measuring and decreasing carbon emissions from vehicles in our cities using existing traffic cameras. Their monitoring system provides detailed estimates of carbon footprint down to a single car; it operates 24/7 and requires no new sensor installation. It also provides a list of standard traffic metrics to transportation engineers and identifies patterns and trends to city planners.


(Vancouver, Canada)

SensoDrive is creating a simple digital twin of transportation infrastructure like parking spaces, charging stations, bike cages including those behind gates, and allows a cell phone to be used as an access key so that space can be optimally used by the community.


(Port Coquitlam, Canada)

Moment Energy is a Vancouver-based cleantech startup creating clean, affordable, and reliable energy storage systems by repurposing retired electric vehicle batteries. Their energy storage systems help off-grid and on-grid customers and utility companies leverage intermittent renewables or reduce diesel consumption. They also facilitate peak shaving and backup power for on-grid commercial and industrial customers.


(Toronto, Canada)

Zygg is simple & affordable electric bikes for everyone. Launched in June 2020, our ebikes as-a-service platform is used by consumers, food delivery workers, corporate teams, hotel guests, and other Enterprise clients. Zygg provides ebike hardware, financing, delivery, maintenance, repairs and even theft protection, all at a simple monthly or even weekly price. Zygg is a “full stack” service for the coming e-bike economy, and our mission is to transform urban car & truck trips into ebike rides.